Re-Posting… Not a Bad Thing to Do!

As I sit here trying to figure out what to post about, I can genuinely say that this is one of the few times I have found it to be a struggle! Usually I am inspired by something that has happened recently, or something that I have on my mind relative to the challenges of […]
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The Season Of Thanks…

As we finish up on the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, here are a few thoughts that have resonated with me this year. While we all like to say that we give thanks to for what we have and for those who are most important to us throughout the year, there is no doubt that the Thanksgiving Holiday is […]
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Busy Times Call For Teamwork…

  Even after 34 years in business now, it still is an inspiration for me to see all of our team here at C L Graphics gather together and do all that it takes to get through one of our busiest times of the year! From working overtime to pitching in on assignments that are […]
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What Does Blogging Mean to You…

The concept of blogging actually has a fairly long history. Many people recognize the very earliest forms within the moderated newsgroups back in 1983, and others were considered to be online diaries and journals. In most cases they were ways of sharing ideas and news among select groups. The title of a “blog” was first […]
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Cutting Through the Clutter…

The challenge for sales staffs in just about any business is to engage their prospects and peek their interest in talking. But let’s face it, in this world of multi-media marketing and non-stop messaging, it becomes very difficult to make sure your message cuts through all of the clutter that besieges all of us! In […]
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The Challenge For New Ideas…

In my last blog post I mentioned the inspiration I receive when having a genuinely engaged talk with clients. It truly is a challenge to then come up with new ideas – to listen to their needs and craft a new solution or alternative to what has been tried in the past. The same comes up when you are […]
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