Good Ideas – It Is Where It all Begins…

One of perhaps the most interesting part of owning your own small business, and especially one that works with a variety of clients and types of jobs, is that every day is different! Who you are working with, and what it is you do for them is different, the job functions that you get involved […]
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Cross-Media Marketing is Important, Including Print…

  When marketing your business, it is pretty important to keep up on what is happening – changes in technology, industry trends, and any new and creative campaigns that others have used successfully. While not everything we see and hear about might be applicable to our own businesses, more often than not we can learn […]
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The Value of Membership…

The inspiration for this blog came from a recent conference I attended – presented by Epicomm down in Savannah, GA. This is a printing and mailing association, that over the years has brought a number of trade organizations together, and in fact will be merging once again in June with another organization called Idealliance. To […]
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Giving Back – a Good Thing To Do…

As a small business owner we are often faced with many tasks and decisions – often all at the same time, or so it seems! After 35 years in business now, you might think that I have figured out all of the right things to do. Whether it be when it is best to invest […]
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Looking For More Business? Time to Start Marketing…

I have been excited this year by several clients who have made the decision to proactively market themselves. In some cases it included a makeover with new materials and website, and also creating a direct mail campaign that included a landing page to track results. For others it was just an update of their current marketing […]
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Creativity – Something to Strive For…

Creativity – a pretty inspiring word. Even for those of us who are not particularly creative, we all seem to recognize something that stands out as being creative. It is different, it is unique, it is inspiring. And in most cases it is very effective! It is interesting to note that even during one of the […]
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