A Virgin Blogger!

This is my first official blog! Well maybe that is not the real truth – I have actually been writing a newsletter every month for the last 10 years, just not online. So in the spirit of true integrated communication, here I begin to share my thoughts with everyone!

I just came back from a great conference – the NAPL Top Management Conference. NAPL stands for National Association for Printing Leadership, and it was quite obvious throughout the conference, that NAPL is definitely taking a leadership role in the print industry! They have several new program initiatives planned, including the Management Plus System and the NexGenLeaders program. Both of these are designed to help printing company managers concentrate on their business, instead of getting caught up in the business. All of this is designed at providing a real value for the member, which needs to become the main focus for any membership organization!

Likewise, the challenge for all of us in business today is to find ways that we can help our clients. This can be by growing their sales, improving their communications, building loyalty, or targeting new prospects. I like the adage that suggests: if we take care of our customers, they will take care of us!

In future posts I will expand upon this concept and try to suggest ways we can work towards this goal. At times I will just share some brief thoughts – other times I might get inspired to ramble on a bit. Either way, please stay tuned and don’t hesitate to respond!

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