Marketing and Cross-Media Resource…

At C L Graphics we have branded ourselves as a resource” for our clients for several years now. But just what does this mean?

I have many times suggested that it means that we offer much more than just “ink on paper” – we also provide ideas and suggestions on how best to market an organization. We look to find alternative solutions or integrate different forms of media beyond just print. It also means that we can share our experience – gathered from working with a wide variety of clients over nearly 30 years of business. Our goal is to not just quote on a specific project, but rather to look at the overall goal – then make sure that the specifications meet that goal.

Another definition of a “resource” is also being someone you can count on. Whatever the need or challenge, someone you have come to build a long-term relationship with and that you know will work on your behalf. This trust is earned over time – and it builds upon itself.

Of course this relationship is a two-way street. And not surprisingly, our strongest business relationships are those in which the customers have engaged us in – they have asked for our guidance and suggestions. They have been willing to try new ideas or participate in surveys. They seek out alternatives.

So the real question is not what does a “resource”  mean to you, but what can a “resource” do for you if given the opportunity?


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