The Value of Teamwork

Midway through last year I began to start thinking more about the need to build on employee morale and teamwork. Not that we were necessarily lacking in this, but with the ongoing decline in the economy and shrinking business that all of us were enduring, it just seemed like a good idea to promote activities to work together.

We began with a couple of sessions to talk about possible ideas for this, which ultimately evolved into a plan to develop company wide activities to help the community – either through fundraising or events to promote an organization. Our first such effort was a Blood Drive, followed up by a clothing drive for PADS – a local homeless shelter. Although these were not huge events, they were successful in helping worthwhile causes and in joining us together. Our next  effort will be a Food Drive for the local Food Pantry – again, a way to give back to those less fortunate than us.

Then, at the beginning of this year, we also chose to take part in monthly team building exercises based on the book – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. This book looks at the typical barriers to truly effective teamwork within any organization – beginning with the very basic element of trust. We have enlisted the help of an outside facilitator – Nick Kachiroubas of Judson University, to help guide us. With only 2 sessions complete, it has  begun to resonate with everyone how working together is much more productive than as individuals.

This concept is more important than ever right now, as it looks like the return to “business as usual” will take some time. In fact, some have suggested that what we are seeing now is actually the “new normal.” All the more  reason to stress teamwork within your organization, with your clients, and especially your family.

Perhaps this even helps explain the immense popularity of social media – the concept of building personal teams that you identify with and can lean on for support?


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