It’s All About Content

Everywhere we turn now days, we are bombarded by messages. Some are short text type messages that we receive on our phones or through Twitter accounts, some are longer like this Blog. Then we have advertising messages that might be sent to us through any one of several forms of media – print, broadcast, e-mail, internet, mobile, video, etc.

No matter the intent of the message or the media – in order for us to want to read it and respond, it must be relevant! Or at least to us, at the time it reaches us.

Relevant content is everything. That is why many of us look at Twitter messages as worthless – and yet for someone, somewhere they may mean something. Likewise, this Blog might make all the sense in the world to those of you who follow my thoughts on a regular basis – but others?

The lesson here is in developing relevant content for the audience you choose. If the message is worthwhile, then your thoughts, services or products will get noticed. And followed.

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