A Challenge to Keep Up!

Communicating with potential clients or donors in today’s world offers so many opportunities – and challenges!

No longer is it just a choice between Print or Broadcast media. Now we have choices that include Social Media, Online, Mobile, You Tube and more. Then, within each of these forms of media there are a multitude of specific applications to choose from as well.

What is truly amazing about this is that almost all of these new media forms have been introduced within in just the past 2-3 years! Which brings us to the ultimate challenge – trying to keep up with the rate of change! Not only do we need to identify the best potential media channel to use in marketing today, we also need to be flexible enough to adapt to the rapid rate of change that occurs within these media. What may be the hot, popular application this year will surely change.

Consider that at the beginning of the 20th century (1900’s), the sum of all knowledge was estimated to change every 500 years. Today, it doubles every two years!If you think it is hard to keep up with the rate of change now, just think of what we might see in another 5-10 years!

Ultimately the key to success is not in changing your marketing message with every new application, but to carefully craft your message and then re-purpose it using the media forms that your intended audience is most likely to follow. These may change over time – but the content is still the real key.


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