Good to be Busy…

A little while back I wrote about the value of teamwork – and how as a company we were engaging in various exercises to help build teamwork within our organization. As we continue in this direction, I found that we have had to delay our schedule of meetings as of late. The main reason is that we have found ourselves pretty busy right now!

Of course there is the concept of  “busy good,” and “busy bad” – the difference being either genuinely busy with active work, versus just busy work. fortunately ours has been the good variety, and because of this I have seen a natural spirit  of teamwork evolving.

People are stepping up to find ways around bottlenecks, push a little harder to get a job completed ahead of schedule, come in on the weekend to work on jobs that are pressing, etc. The whole shop can sense that it is time to push harder to get things done!

There is a common quote that goes something like: “if you want something done, give it to someone who is busy.” This is a real phenomenon that takes place and I believe helps foster productivity as much as anything. It can also be a natural cause for improved teamwork within any organization.

Another side effect of strong teamwork and a busy environment is the development of a passion to succeed. Whether this is to “beat” a planned schedule, to exceed customer quality expectations, or developing a pride in the end results a project delivers, this passion is often found more in “start-up” companies as opposed to well-established firms.

As we all begin to grow our businesses again, look for this renewed passion to surface within certain companies. These will be the firms that will really make it in the “new economy.” They will be the ones to prosper and adapt to the changing needs of their clients.

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