The Benefits of Social Media…

Much talk has been given to the phenomenon known as Social Media. For some it is just a passing fad, for others it is seemingly a way of life – something to keep up with every day and even several times a day! Much of it is generational, and yet the number of seniors that partake of Facebook and others sites is expanding rapidly as well.

For the business world though, many organizations are finding it hard to justify the involvement that it takes. There just does not seem to be a strong reason or payback associated with the various sites or applications. And on the surface you might agree – however, strategies are evolving that will help make the benefits of social media a worthwhile investment.

For instance, here are just a few ways to incorporate social media within your overall marketing plan:

  • With some planning and research, organizations can share information or provide links to related businesses or subject matter that helps reinforce their own markets. Become a “resource” of information that will help stimulate discussion or referrals amongst your clients. Now your social media sites become alternate web-sites for your business as well.
  • Develop promotions or events hosted by your organization – these can be fairly small and fun type events that may attract only local participants, but the discussion and “buzz” from friends around the country will help position you as an active, progressive company.
  • Develop online promotions – questions that prompt people to your website for answers, then reward with small prizes. Or include mobile messaging prompts to develop ongoing interaction and promotions.

Perhaps one of the strongest benefits of incorporating social media is that it adds more “tentacles” for your organization to reach out with. You can utilize each touch to help direct visitors to other media forms, creating a “ping-pong” effect and one that ultimately helps strengthen the sum of each part. You will also be positioning your business as a progressive organization that values interaction with customers and friends, which can help stimulate new clients and even recruiting for potential employees.


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