The Long Haul…

Back at the end of 2008 I suggested to everyone here at C L Graphics, “let’s just get through the next year.” Well we did, and now we are more than half way through 2010 – only to find that the business climate is not that much different from last year! And although I think we are at least trending upwards, I also firmly believe the only businesses that will be growing in the near future are ones that make it happen.

This will mean an aggressive marketing effort and one that includes fresh thinking and new strategies. It definitely means looking at various media forms, but also surprisingly, making sure to look back at “what used to work!” In some cases the business world has been quick to jump on board with all the digital media while abandoning the traditional print materials. The danger here is that in a truly integrated marketing plan, the goal is to utilize the different media in their best capacity – and then to “point” your prospects to each of the other media to reinforce the brand and the message.

So what is the strength of print? I believe we are finding more than ever, that what print does best is to direct prospects to the other media forms. Perhaps this is because print (and ultimately direct mail) is so dominant in being able to target a specific audience. Due to the huge databases of  contact information that have been built over the years, it is relatively easy to find the best prospects for a given product or service – then to utilize a printed piece to engage the reader to find more information online, or to ultimately have them respond to a request to be included on a mobile registration system.

And getting back to my original thought, no matter how you prepare your message,  it is going to be critical that you are proactive and passionate about sharing your message with prospects. Look for new areas to expand in for your business – partner with other groups – solicit referrals – provide value added services. Become a resource and provide education or insight as a way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

It has been and will continue to be a long road to recovery, and even easier to become discouraged when you look to measure your results. Only those who keep pushing though, will be the ones who will be here a year from now!

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