Summer is winding down…

My wife is a teacher, and this time of year always brings mixed thoughts. On one end it is exciting to get back to a new group of students and kick back in on projects for the new year, on the other end it begins to draw a close to the summer season.

Likewise in the business world, there is always somewhat of a transition that takes place over the next couple of weeks. Employees scramble to use up a few more vacation days – and take advantage of some good time with family before their kids head back to school. Event planning begins to kick in for the fall season too – conferences, trade shows, etc. Gradually business begins to pick up with this activity as well – projects are taken off the back burner and put back on the “to do lists.”

All of this is good, especially considering how the overall economy has been sputtering as of late. Not necessarily back into recession mode, but also not moving forward very fast. This will promise to be an importantĀ month or two I believe, to see if some of this activity is enough to get us jumpstarted again? Let’s hope so, and as part of that mindset it might be good to actively try to push your own marketing efforts. Maybe if we all choose to push a little harder and more actively, then the combined effort will be just what we need to build on.

So over the next few weeks, take some time to review your sales and marketing plans. If there is something that you had put off for a while, then make the commitment to get started on it. Try doing a little more prospecting for new clients – host an open house or secure a targeted list of potential clients. Utilize a new approach to marketing or sales – one that you have not tried before. You might find that it uncovers a different group of clients that unexpectanly adds to your sales as well.

The real key to financial recovery for all of us is to generate new business and begin to build forward momentum again, as opposed to the mentality of just pulling back always. Time to get started!


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