Prime Time for Business Development…

In my last several blog posts I have suggested that for those businesses that are looking to break out of the economic “doldrums,” the only way to effectively do this is to be proactive. Since then I have read several magazine articles from industry trade journals and other blog posts that have echoed the same thoughts. Obviously my thoughts are not unique, and I surely do not take any credit for being original, but there is definitely strength in numbers!

One article I read suggested that potentially the next three months – September, October and November, are the most important selling months of the year. Now that everyone is out of the “vacation” mindset and kids are back in school,  is the time that people get back to work. So the time between now and Thanksgiving is really the prime time for business development.

The opportunity to finish up the year with positive new sales could well make the difference between another down year and a positive one. Also, the new seeds we nurture and grow over the next 3 months can also become solid elements of next year’s business plan.

It was interesting for me to review our sales numbers for the year recently. Admittedly we are down for the year – in spite of a lot of hard work! But one area that Ginny Boss and I have done well in, is that of new sales. Both of us are above what we had set as goals, at this point actually 12% above! Granted we did not project “killer” numbers, but none the less it is gratifying to see that we have in fact generated some good new business. It is out there. It just requires some hard work and a plan – then the diligence to stick with that plan.

I would encourage you to review your organizations progress so far – whether it be in generating new sales or new donors for non-profit groups. See what your progress has been, and then map out a strategy for the next 3 months. Share this strategy with others in your organization, then push to make it happen. Not only will you benefit, but the impact your efforts make can also help spur other organizations to grow as well – and that, would be good for the economy in general.

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