Change Can Be Fun…

I have often said that as a company we have changed significantly over the past 30 years, and that I am proud of the fact that we are a different company now than when we first began. Of course almost all companies could say the same thing given that length of time, although a few seem to relish and hold on to their historical roots.

The concept of change is talked about a lot. We all know that change is inevitable, that it is a cause for concern, that we must embrace it. Afterall, change is not always easy – it can create stress and doubt at the very least, and when not well planned out, it can even lead to the downfall of an organization.

On the other hand, change can invigorate an organization as well – help stimulate it to new growth. At times,  it can even be fun! Given the right circumstances and the desire to embrace a new culture or set of opportunities, an organization can be transformed over time as a result of a changing business environment.

It is probably a little too early to say that we have undergone a significant change in business, and yet with the addition of a new salesperson that brings with him a new skill set of services that complement our existing ones, I can see the beginnings of change. And so far, it has been fun.

For instance, I have been suggesting that with the skills we possess in preparing art files for print, that makes us well suited for working on other media formats as well. This could be e-mail, websites, mobile marketing and video. We have begun marketing ourselves as a Marketing and Cross-Media Resource for our clients. Now, with the addition of Peter, we have an individual that is passionate about these forms of media and has provided an even stronger push in this direction.

For instance – video is a medium that is gaining a lot of attention currently. Search engines are programmed to seek out websites that include video, and in fact YouTube is currently the second ranked website search engine behind Google. Peter’s enthusiasm for preparing video has helped us at C L Graphics to become more active in this media form, and to date we have not only created our own unique YouTube Channel, we actually have over 20 different videos hosted there. In addition, we have been engaged by two clients to date to work on video projects for them.

As I said, it is too early to tell how much of an overall impact video will have on our business, however the enthusiasm in producing and marketing this service is definitely growing. I look forward to the next video shoot and begin planning the topic almost as soon as the current one is finishing. It is new, and the “blooper” reel is sometimes longer than the actual finished take – but we are learning and having fun at the same time – not a bad combination really.

So what are you doing in the way of change?


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