Interest in the Future…

Recently we had announced the latest in our Seminar series – Social Media 101. The intent of the seminar was to discuss some of the basics about social media marketing, including the 3 keys to success – Planning, Budgeting and Measuring. We felt there would be some good interest, so the intent was to schedule 2 sessions. Well, the response was pretty amazing – not only did we fill  2 these sessions with 17 attendees each, but when we scheduled a third session for January that one is now full up as well!

On the surface we felt this was impressive, although we were curious to get some feedback as to what most of the attendees were looking to find out, and what their current level of involvement was within Social Media applications. What we have learned after the initial presentation, is that we had a good variety of experience of those in attendance. Specifically, their was almost a 100% participation within LinkedIn and about 75% of attendees that had not only personal, but also business Facebook pages. Twitter participation was less, with around 40%, and finally those who had a video presence on YouTube was the least represented at only about 10%.

Additionally, even amongst those participants that had some significant experience in utilizing social media within their organizations, there was still good interest in learning more and felt the content was worthwhile. Everyone was eager to share comments and experiences and likewise ask questions.

Of course this is what you would hope for in a presentation like this, although what it very much suggests, is that not only is there a significant interest in including social media strategies within a marketing plan, but that it is still very early within the learning curve for practically everyone. There are some definite “best practices,” but also a great deal of new territory for all of us to explore.

If you feel like you are somewhat behind – then don’t hesitate to jump in! With nearly 60 million individuals that were born after the internet was established and therefore know nothing but online interaction, the future of marketing is definitely linked to these strategies. And interestingly enough, the B2B marketplace is even more engaged within social media at this point than the B2C.

One form of media that will be especially prominent within future marketing plans is that of video. It was interesting to note that YouTube as an application was not highly utilized so far, which would suggest a strong potential for many organizations if they look to capitalize on this – especially within the B2B or Non-Profit markets.

I will be curious to see how our initial findings compare with the upcoming seminar attendees. Stay tuned  for additional insight.


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