So What’s Next…

For many of us business is much different from what we had become accustomed to just a few years back. They say that “change is a constant,” and even though we all knew this and even planned for it, the amount of change in the past 3 years is much beyond what we might have expected.

Of course the accepted plan of attack was to make cuts where necessary and look to streamline our workflow. And for the most part, it has worked – check out the productivity levels at most businesses and you would be pretty impressed. We have also worked hard at trying to find new business to fill in the gaps left from reduced sales levels or from those customers that went out of business. In fact, there are many opportunities out there for those who are willing to work hard – even if it is growing at someone else’s expense.

But is all of this enough? Will these efforts be enough to carry us through yet another economic slowdown? Or, is it time to start looking for what’s next? Is there a new business model that you should be looking at? What about a new product line – maybe even something that is not typical within your given industry. If you were starting entirely over, what business would you look to get into? How would you staff it? And in an effort to keep up with the latest trend – can you build an app for it?

I find myself thinking a lot along these lines as of late – I even have started a notebook with various ideas listed. If the idea still sounds viable after a few days of thought, then it gets to stay. For the most part I have found myself staying in the same basic business of communication, either printed or digital, however the business model of distribution has changed. Some of these ideas I know we will pursue and probably over the course of the next several months even. Others may or may not happen – too soon to tell. The point is though, that now more than ever it is important that you are working on your business,  and not just in your business. And that concept very much includes looking outside of the box at what your business might look like in the future.

So again I ask – what’s next for you?


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