Busy Time Calls for Teamwork…

This time of the year is perhaps our busiest. A good portion – nearly 45% – of our sales come from the non-profit market, and for many of these clients, the year-end appeal is perhaps the biggest single revenue producer. This of course puts a great deal of pressure on the organizations to have a succesful appeal, and then likewise on us to come through for them!

What makes this even more complex is the make-up of most appeals. It is not just one job, but rather 3 or 4 pieces that make up each appeal – and then with many clients doing a follow-up appeal as well, the whole process begins again a few short weeks later. The amount of coordination between us and the client, between each of our departments, and then finally the Post Office, makes for quite an involved project – especially when we have several different ones happening at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, being busy like this is a good thing! Stressful at times, but still much better than the alternative. Which brings me to the main point of this blog post – teamwork. More often than not, when we are most busy is when we are the most productive. Everybody is looking out for each other, asking questions instead of just making the assumption that this is what the customer wanted. Scheduling is critical – and so I see that more emphasis is being placed on what is getting done in a given day. The “bottlenecks” that invariably pop up become the priority to try to work around. People put in more time to make sure a certain element finishes in time for what needs to be worked on tomorrow in the next department.

Ultimately this is teamwork at its best. I am grateful that we have a committed staff and that they take this time of the year so serious. Especially with the Holidays coming up as well, it could be real easy to just put in the minimum and then head home to enjoy time with family and friends. With Thanksgiving coming up shortly, we all have much to be thankful for – and for me, one big thing is a dedicated, caring staff that understands what teamwork is all about. Thanks!


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