2012 Marketing Calendar and Planning Guide…

Seems like we had just completed last year’s Calendar/Planning Guide, and here we are again! With production complete and the latest version in the mail, now is a great time to “tout” the benefits of this resource.

Of course the key benefit is to be able to plan out your strategies and then document them within the Calendar. In fact, we help make this simple by supplying you with a variety of labels that can be placed on the dates you select. The whole intent is to really help you think this through and to prompt you to put it all in writing. The old saying goes… Plan your Work, and Work your Plan!

This year we have added another helpful planning tool as well. Now you can return a Marketing Commitment Form that will document your desire to stick to your plan and request that we help you follow through on this. The idea is similar to that of a “personal trainer” – with the help of C L Graphics to keep you on task, the better chance that your marketing goals will be achieved.

And if you care to take it even one step further, we will coordinate a series of marketing planning sessions with your staff. Within these sessions we will ask questions, gather information and ultimately provide strategies to assist you in the branding/marketing of your organization. While this is common in larger organizations or ones that employ a full-time Marketing Director, for many others it is a process that can get pushed aside too easily.

However you choose to utilize this year’s edition, we hope that you take the process seriously. Once again we have included some strategies and ideas that can assist you in your plan, and stand ready to answer questions you may have. Together we can help make 2012 a successful year for your organization!

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