Twas a Good Year…

The end of the year always brings much retrospect and then of course, planning for the New Year. Actually I tend to start my planning long about October, which is when I start writing copy of our yearly Marketing Planning Calendar. It is then that I start to think about what is important, and inevitably, I will suggest how important it is to make a plan, and then work your plan!

Well, looking back on how I did for 2011, I can say that for the most part I followed my plan pretty well. I was able to get our print newsletters out on schedule (except for one I believe), and likewise our E-Mail newsletters. We did well with hosting seminars – in fact to begin the year we had 4 seminars within the first 3 months, then added a couple more by year’s end. I did a couple different sets of handwritten personal notes, although to not as many as I had planned (oops). And, we hosted a very successful/well attended 30th Anniversary Open House.

Our Social Media efforts were consistent this year, and Video became a regular component of our marketing effort as well. I had set a goal of writing a blog post 2 times per month, and on a consistent schedule of every other Sunday – which I held to right up to the very last post! I was scheduled to write one on Christmas Day, and somehow I just never got around to it (oh well). I was going to make up for that on New Year’s day, and that did not quite happen either (got lazy).

So in spite of a few slips, we really did do a good job of marketing C L Graphics this last year. In fact, I would suggest that our marketing efforts would easily place us in the top 10% – or maybe even the top 5%, of all printing companies.  Of course this does not mean we cannot improve, because the truth of the matter is, most companies that do any type of regular marketing, will be at the top of their industry!

So where does that put you?

Now is the time to make sure your marketing plan is in place for 2012. Now is the time to get everyone on board. Now is the time to make sure all the assignments are in place and everyone understands what is expected of them. Now is the time to have your message refined and your target audiences defined. Now is the time to put the measurement processes in place to record your prospecting leads and to have the follow-up procedures in place.

Then, if all is in place, now is the time to make it happen… Good Luck!

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