Marketing On Purpose…

We all know that marketing is an important part of an organization’s success. Sure there are a few companies that hit it big with a product or service that drove sales well beyond expectation, and seemingly with no real plan or strategy. Most times these stories tend to be the “one-hit” wonders. For the rest of us though, it is critical that we take the time to analyze our organization’s products and services – their strengths and weaknesses, then look to identify the specific audiences that have the most need for these.

Once the analysis is complete, it is time to pick the best strategies and media forms to share the message – and boy do we have options to do this today! Some require a significant budget, while others can be done at a “grassroots” level. Best that you look at including some print, radio, online and SEO to be sure. And Social Media… well we all know how important that is, and by gosh you best be doing it – not just one form either, you need to utilize every last one of them, especially the newest fad.

Whoa! Let’s hold on here for just a minute. This is all good, and I would certainly advocate a multi-channel, cross-media plan. On the other hand, it is also critical for each of us to make sure we are marketing on purpose.

What do I mean by this? Ultimately it is a matter of identifying the two or three things that will work the best for you to actually attract new business. To develop the strategies that will make you successful  in generating leads for your sales force to follow-up with.

Too often we look to add new marketing ideas without necessarily concentrating on making sure that we actually get results. Or, not being objective enough after we have pursued a strategy for a given period and not have achieved the leads we expected. It is true that each new strategy will take some time to establish its presence and to allow for the proper follow-up. However if you have been doing something for several years and continue to utilize this just because it is what you have always done… then it could be time to change!

In other cases you might find that a strategy you have been utilizing has not paid off with the leads you expected, however it really is a matter that you did not do either the follow-up required or you did not take advantage of the true potential by “tweaking” the process.

If you take some time to ask yourself – what can I do to make sure I generate a lead from a given marketing strategy, either before starting a new plan, or in review of an existing one, then perhaps the results will surprise you. Do it on purpose,  and with the intent of being successful!

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