Walking the Walk…

In my last post I talked about the importance of making sure you continually support your brand and identity over time. It is not enough to do a great introduction and put yourself out there, but then let the effort slip away – which is what so many organizations do. There is  a reason that McDonald’s, Kohl’s, and Capital One are so consistent in their advertising efforts – they know that to stay top of mind, you need to reinforce the message continuously.

However, just blasting an ad out there is not really enough either, especially when your organization is not one of the mega brands. Hopefully you have established a differentiation – something that your targeted audience can see is uniquely different from your competition. And if so, this is what you need to continuously drive home with each message you share – whether it be in print, online, through a video, or social media.

Even with this though, at times you need to push your efforts one step further. To not just talk the talk, but to actually walk the walk. Perhaps you could create a promotion on Facebook, support a community project, or develop a new service to offer clients. The intent is to initiate a strong reinforcement of your brand through something that people will notice.

This concept for me began to “fester” after I had written my last blog post. I even used the analogy of “walking the walk” within this post, and so I put together a strategy that would match our brand of being a marketing and cross-media resource. The initiative I created would help provide our clients – and even prospects, one free opportunity each year to develop an item to help promote and market themselves to their target audience – thus being a resource for our clients beyond just a vendor completing a specific project.

Once I had thought through this idea, we immediately produced a handout piece to share with clients (print). This week we will be distributing our e-mail newsletter (digital) that will promote this again, and to help people register for this promotion we also created a QR Code linking to a mobile website (online). I suspect you may even see a short video clip designed to further explain the concept coming out soon!

So when I talk about the need to not only market yourself on a regular basis, but to also reinforce your message in a meaningful way, this promotion – Stand Out In A Crowd – is an example of just how you can do this. Now, it’s your turn!


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