Change is all Around…

I have written a number of times with regard to the changing print industry and its impact on business. To be sure, we have seen a strong shift in media options and this has forced us to expand our offerings to more than just print. However, I think that change is much more prominent in our society than just within a select market or industry. I see fundamental change within not only business, but in government, education, economies… everywhere! I know this is not really surprising or a sudden revelation, but it does speak to how we all need to look at the day-to-day decisions that we face.

For instance, in the great State of Illinois, there is a huge deficit within the State pension system. So much so, that ultimately if the State is going to ever be able to fund the system, there will need to be fundamental change – and, likely a reduction in benefits for not only future recipients, but also existing ones. This is not good or fair by any means – and yet what might have worked when the pension system was originated, does not any longer make fiscal sense. Of course the biggest problem is that ultimately our legislators circumvented the systems in place and borrowed from this pension system to fund other projects. Which brings us to the concept of governmental change. For some time now, both on the State and Federal level, politicians are too keyed in on job stability (their own), as opposed to doing what is right and necessary! The democratic principle of open debate and compromise to allow for differing opinions is now evolved into strict party politics and no willingness to develop an agenda that truly is best for all. Perhaps we need to re-think how the elected politicians are held accountable to the needs of the country, and not themselves.

Economies all throughout the world are suffering. Of course there will always remain periods of growth and profitability, and then the opposite where business and jobs are not as strong. However, it looks like these periods are becoming shorter and less time between cycles, which does not allow for the economy to truly recover, hence a return into another recession faster than what is typical. With true global interaction, perhaps the systems or policies are changing faster than we have learned to adapt.

The pace of change within our world is accelerating. And if that is the case now, just think what it will be 10 or 20 years from now, much less 50 years! We need to respond much more quickly to an emerging trend and be open to re-thinking our strategies. Darwin’s theory of evolution is as relevant today as ever – in fact even more so! We cannot continue to do the same things and expect to see different and better results.


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