Marketing Efforts Continually Evolve…

This is truly an exciting time to be involved in business and in marketing! There are so many choices and opportunities when it comes to sharing your organization’s message – and even after you have prepared a plan with specific goals and then set up the strategies and tactics, you find yourself learning new ways to share your message.

Of course this does not mean switching the plan in midstream – it is important to stay focused and let a campaign play out. However that is not to say you might not want to add another component or strategy as well. Or, update the look and feel of a particular piece.

For those of us involved in leading a business in today’s economy, we need to continually challenge the norm. We need to keep up with technology or trends in the marketplace – then see if they make sense to implement in our own back yards. Thinking of new ideas – refining old ones – updating copy on our website or establishing a new look – developing a new market. These are perhaps the most critical challenges that we face if we are to keep our business viable today.

Fortunately though, there are so many great examples of what can be done and how others have achieved great results. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed, rather embrace the challenge and look to engage the new ideas. 

As an example of this, we have recently updated the look and content of this blog site. It remains a work in progress, however I believe that over time we will attract a wider audience and make it into a stronger element of our overall marketing plan. Another example is an upcoming seminar we are presenting. The title is “Strategies to Grow Your Business” – and rather than a general overview of marketing, this will look to share specific ideas on how to utilize new forms of media.

We all have to look at new, creative ways to promote our businesses. To be much more proactive in generating new sales. The key I believe is to look at what others are doing and be willing to utilize new strategies – or to refine what you are currently doing, and to continually evolve!

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