The Value of Education

We gave a seminar last week called, “Strategies to Grow Your Business,” and we had nine attendees, which isn’t bad for a summer seminar. We’ve been doing seminars for twelve years now, averaging 3-4 per year – that’s a lot of seminars! We have found them to be a great way to share our insight and knowledge, and ultimately to provide value to our clients. The feedback has been great and over time we have gained some wonderful customers from our efforts, making it well worth the time and energy that goes into planning and presenting them.

Our industry – printing, has morphed into a hybrid of ink on paper and all things digital; websites, mobile technology, social media and video to create a perfect communication harmony. If we’re not practicing and preaching this approach to better marketing through cross-media, we might as well hang up our press sheets!

So it is not a surprise that cross-media marketing has been one of our most popular seminar topics over the last couple of years. There’s a real hunger out there for information to help marketers understand what’s involved, how it all works and how it will help them achieve their marketing goals. In fact, on the survey sheets from our recent seminar, the responses to suggestions for future topics were unanimous…more social media and how to integrate it with other communication mediums.

We plan to continue our seminars because we know our customers and prospects find real value there. If we can help them find a better, more effective way to communicate to their audience, then we’ve done our job as marketing and communication experts.

For more information on the value of educating customers, please visit this blog:

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