Time to Embrace Change…

Looking back on the last 5 years we have seen a multitude of changes – for sure within the economy, and that is what most business people recognize and acknowledge. However I maintain it is much more than this. Some of the technology shifts that really began a solid decade ago have begun to manifest within society to the point that how we interact, communicate and manage our lives has changed dramatically. No longer is it “business as usual.” In fact a few years ago the phrase “the new normal” came into use and whether we chose to acknowledge this or not, it is true!

For many of us, myself included, it would be nice to just get back to the way we were 5 years ago. Business might not have been “golden” then, but at least it was growing and steady. The need to stay connected was important, but not nearly as critical or time-consuming as it is now!

But guess what… time is not standing still and times have changed. There are so many more ways of connecting with friends, clients, donors and prospects. All of us might not be up to speed on all of this yet, however the bottom line is that we need to be getting there. If we are leading or managing an organization, or even within mid-management, we need to embrace this change and make it a priority.

Now this does not necessarily mean the each of us needs to do everything ourselves. But it does mean that we need to either delegate the responsibility to others in the organization or solicit the help of others to manage it. Our organizations need to have a social media presence.We need to increase our marketing effortsand incorporate the concept of engagingpotential clients/donors rather than just pushing our message out to them. Our websites need to be updated continuously and our marketing message – whatdifferentiatesus from our competitors, needs to be evaluated. Our business model also needs to be looked at – are we still relevantin the marketplace? Can the current products/services still continue to support the growth of the organization?

These are all pretty big questions, and I see some clients actively looking at this. Sadly though, others are holding on to what they have done in the past. Much of this can be attributed to not really having the budget to make the required changes. And yet, at some point, if we do not commit to re-investing in our businesses, we may find the natural progression is to just close up shop! And this is the case for those in the for profit world as well as the nonprofit world.

Change is not easy! In fact, it is down right painful and scary. Sometimes it take saying a few good prayers and jumping all in. Are you up for it?


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