The Year End Push…

Kind of scary to think that the end of 2012 is rapidly approaching, however now is the time to start actively pushing your sales and marketing efforts. Not only does this become important to close out this year strong, but in many cases what you do in the next 3 months also sets the stage for what 2013 will look like.

We all know that marketing is an ongoing effort – not tied to any specific time of the year unless your business happens to be seasonal. However now that the summer slowdown is behind us, it can be a great time to reignite your efforts. For the past two years the economy has started fairly strong, only to start sputtering in mid-year. When this happens, it is fairly common for some organizations to pull back, at least until the end of the year when they will look at the remaining budget and decide to spend what they had earmarked.

So if in fact your company  is top of mind from some creative marketing efforts, there is a good chance that you will benefit from this last push. The key is to try something different! Keep your branding consistent, however mix up how you present it. Try an alternative media form – or better yet, use an integrated approach to really emphasize your message.

It is also an ideal time to look at some new prospects. Engage your sales team develop a list of who best to promote to, or look to invest in a targeted mailing list. It might even be the time to try sharing your products and services within a new market. Times have changed considerably in the past 3-4 years and I would suspect you might have already saturated your existing vertical markets! By laying the groundwork now you will have generated some interest and potential leads to cultivate at the start of next year.

The whole point is, if you continue business as usual, likely the year will finish about the same as it is now. Don’t let another year slip on by – get started!



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