A Time For Transition…

With the onset of November we are truly into a time of transition – a shifting of focus that seemingly pulls us in different directions all at the same time!

The most obvious of these transitions is a change of seasons – one that I always enjoy, while also being saddened to see the end of summer. It can be a great time to enjoy getting out and seeing the spectacular colors of Fall, but then it also means a lot of work in the yard getting all of the leaves cleaned up. Time to enjoy an evening campfire and some end of the year fishing before the snow hits and the furnace kicks on.

Another shift is within business “modes.” For many industries and organizations, the Fall time brings in a different set of products or services. In retail for instance, the Holiday season is easily the busiest and most critical. Not only are inventories expanded, but also a surge in hiring to manage the rise in sales. For us, in the printing industry, it is also a busy time – sales pick up in September, and stay strong through about the 3rd week in December, before they fall off again. Also within the business sector is the beginning of planning for next year – analyzing what worked and what did not, then figuring how to project this into a budget.

Of course there is a huge transition happening within government. As of Tuesday we will see the final impact of all the election campaigning – and no matter who wins the Presidency, you can expect the real battle to address the “fiscal cliff” to begin. For me this is the most critical – to actually have our elected officials do what is expected of them and not wait until the very last minute! Whether it be local, state or Federal elections, change will be coming – we hope!

This time of year can be tough. Without a genuine focus on the priorities of the day while also looking ahead to tomorrow – or next week even, we can get lost in the shuffle.


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