A Time To Be Thankful…

With Thanksgiving coming up shortly I always get to this time and find myself reflecting back upon the year and all that I have to be thankful for. I guess that much of this comes from having listened to the many messages we all hear around this Holiday and the true meaning of what our ancestors gave thanks for back in 1621 – rain that helped secure crops for them to survive. For sure, in the true sense of the Holiday, it meant more than just gathering around for a nice Turkey dinner with friends and family!

For myself, it is a time to be thankful for good health, a caring family, financial security and the success of business over the past year. While we could always hope for more and better in most of these areas, acknowledging what we do have is important as well and helps keep us at least centered in reality.

Within my own business world, small as it may be in the global economy that we are a part of, we have always observed Thanksgiving as a special Holiday. Perhaps more so than even Christmas or New Years, Easter or any other Holiday, we have always taken a full two days of time away from work. In fact, I can really only remember 3 or maybe 4 years that I have put in time over the 4 day span from Thursday thru Sunday – and I will admit that is pretty unusual for me! Even with November being a short month to begin with, now you take an additional 2 work days off, and you can really find it pressing to complete all the work in-house – especially considering that it is typically one of our stronger sales months.

This time off does much to help rejuvenate us prior to the last push at the end of the year. It is also a time to begin thinking of client visits and the opportunity to say thanksto all those that have helped us succeed in another year. Let’s face it… none of us really take the time to acknowledge our fellow workers, our clients/donors, our vendors, our family¬† and friends as much as we should!

I know that I am guilty of this especially. I am always looking forward – consistently planning ahead, rather than looking back. I tend to not focus on what has happened before, but always making a list of things I have yet to do. I tell my wife Julie that it is “because I do not live in the past,” but that is only because many times I cannot even remember what happened 1, 2 or 3 years ago (either that or the onset of dementia!).

The real point to this blog post then is to acknowledge all that I have to be thankful for… and to say thanks to everyone that has helped contribute to what I have and who I am.And then to sincerely say that I hope to give back to you all in the same way!


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