Staying Connected – It’s a Lot of Work…

social mediaOver the last few weeks I have had a few random conversations with clients that included discussion about all of the new forms of communication, and mostly centered around Social Media. The underlying themes of the discussion have been “not sure why we need to be doing all of this stuff,” and “wow, this is a lot of work and what do we really see out of it?”

Admittedly they have a point! This need to stay connected and interacting with a seemingly disconnected audience can be a little overwhelming and hard to justify. I know that people much smarter than I and with a great deal of experience in managing social media interaction would have a number of great points to share on this topic. For now though, I would suggest a few basic thoughts for you to consider…

1.) No doubt that this is where the future is going. Marketing is no longer centered on a “push” mentality where you tell the world all about what you do and why they should buy from you. Rather it has rightfully evolved to a point where we share our expertise, then look to engage our customers input. Marketing is now much more of a “pull” to bring an audience into our world and look to interact with them on a regular basis.

2.) Our future clients will continue to get younger! No matter what your own age is, if you own a business over a period of time, your clients will trend younger – and their technological mindset began with computers and smartphones almost from the start.

3. It’s all about relevance. Marketing has always been about perception – if we are able to build a positive perception within our targeted business audience that we are a resource and expert for them within our field, then we will be successful in advancing our brand within the marketplace. This is still the case, and with all of the Social Media outlets available to us, it can be even easier now to build on this perception – as long as we develop relevant content to a targeted audience!

4.) It does take time! Even with all the new forms of media available to us, and maybe because of all the options, it is not an overnight process to gain market acceptance. Also, we need to establish that we are an ongoing resource for clients, not just a new fad.

All of this may not convince you to jump in, and yet rest assured that many of your competition will or have already begun to utilize various forms of cross media applications. To be left behind in the learning curve will pretty much ensure that you will also be left behind within your given marketplace. So yes, it is a lot of work… so what are you waiting for?


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