So Why Is It We Do What We Do…

Simon SinekI was passed along a link to a presentation recently on TED – which is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to ideas that are worth spreading. If you have not visited this site yet, check it out!

The presentation was by Simon Sinek, and was actually from a video recorded back in 2009. Simon is the author of a book entitled “Start With Why,” and the presentation centered around how most businesses talk about themselves beginning with what they do, then how they do it, and if they even get to it, the why comes last. Sinek suggests a main difference between the really unique companies such as Apple, and other very passionate organizations or individuals, is that they instead begin to explain their work with the why they do what they do – then follow-up with how and finally the what. He maintains that sharing your purpose and beliefs – the why first, does a much better job of engaging your audience. It center on an inside out discussion, rather than outside in.

So this got me to thinking – what is the why behind what we do at C L Graphics? Why have I been in business now for over 30 years? Why do I continue to work long hours everyday and then also take the time to write a blog like this every other week – continuously for over 3 years? Why is it that I take the time to update our website with new content or write white papers on marketing strategies for our clients? Why is it that I take the time to do a survey of how our nonprofit clients do within their annual appeals every  year, or why I take the time to go to industry conferences to learn about new media or processes? Why do I share links to articles or reports within our social media sites that could be worthwhile to clients? Or why is it that we always save interesting print samples to share as examples of what clients could do or suggest alternate formats to help save money?

For CL Graphics and myself, the why is to be a real resource for our clients and prospects. To be able to provide knowledge and experience in the area of marketing and cross-media communication. Since each of us in business have so many things on our plate every day, to be able to keep track of everything is almost impossible. To be able to rely on an outside resource for assistance is a real benefit, and that is why we go beyond just the ink on paper that other printers offer.


The how we do it is through the various media formats – print of course, but also social media, video, e-mail, pURL’s, landing pages, etc. And the what we do – well that is the final product, such as a printed newsletter, a personalized postcard, a YouTube video, an integrated direct mail campaign, or even a simple business card.

So what is your why?


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