Repeating Yourself Is Okay…

RepetitionSo here it is the time to write a new blog post, and my mind starts fumbling around for what to say! Admittedly, there are some times that the words just flow like water and thinking up something to sound intelligent about is no big deal. And then the other times… well it can be a little bit of a struggle!

This morning, when I am on the treadmill doing a workout, I get to thinking of what to write and I keep coming back to some of the recent posts I have written. I try to break away from them, but it is about all I can think of. I suspect if you go back over the last 3+ years I have been writing these, and even over the last 12 years that I have written copy for a printed newsletter we publish, you will find many common themes. And maybe that is not all bad.

The point I was thinking of this morning was similar to my last post about the why it is we do what we do at C L Graphics. The concept of being a resource for our clients – that is the why. This time though I try to think of something different to expand on and yet I still keep coming back to this – then it occurs to me… it’s because that’s who I am, and what I talk about. Most all of what I post in my blogs is centered around the concepts of marketing, strategy, communication, cross-media, branding, planning, etc. When I finish writing and add the “tags” to the post, these are what come up the most! I don’t really think it is by design – in other words that is not what I set out to do when initiating my blog. Rather that is what it has evolved into – one person’s take on the world of small business marketing, and what is important to doing a good job of it.

The fact that I seem to keep repeating some of these concepts helps reinforce the importance of them. Each of us that are involved in the management of a small business, nonprofit organization, or even a much larger one, need to stay focused on what is important.

When you get right down to it, some of the very basics in marketing strategies come down to the who, what, where, why and when, along with the how. Now that I have touched on the why and the who, I suspect you might read more on the others soon!


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