What Is It We Do… and How?

why, how, whatIf you have followed my last couple of blog posts you know that I am stuck somewhat on the concept of  the who, what, where, why and when, along with how we do it. These are perhaps the biggest questions to answer when putting together a marketing plan, and while it is most common to hear companies begin a sales pitch with the what and how, I had actually begun my posts based on Simon Sinek’s suggestion that it is more important to start with the why.

Well after talking about the why and the who I am, now it is time to move along and key in on the what and how.

What we do is actually different for every one of our clients – or at least the different markets we serve. Different… and yet very similar. You see the what is typically centered around looking to increase or maintain membership, donors or clients. It is looking to share information and knowledge, to communicate value or to share the mission of the organization. It is all about generating more participants and creating interest in what it is you do!

That’s right, the what we do is all keyed into improving the what that you do – or at least it should be.

How we do it is a little more involved. It used to be that mainly we accomplished it by putting ink onto paper – pretty basic! But now? Wow times have changed and if we are looking to be effective at how we communicate your message it will include a variety of media forms. This may include digital media such as e-mail, landing pages and e-publications, to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube videos or blogs such as the one you are reading now. To be most effective though, it needs to be a combination of these – an integrated campaign that lets the targeted audience choose how they want to read the message.

Figuring out the best how to do a particular project many times is dependent upon what the objective is and what kind of budget is available. It would be great to be able to throw an unlimited cost campaign together for every initiative, but we all know that is not usually an option. That is again where being a resource for our clients comes in – for you to be able to rely on our past experience and knowledge about what has worked well in the past for other clients. In fact our best client relationships are built on a two-way discussion on potential strategies to engage for a particular project, as opposed to strictly following specifications according to how a job has always been done in the past!

Stay tuned for the last part of this discussion, and let me know what you think about it so far!



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