Targeted Audiences and Timing…

You might think that I have switched up on my recent focus – the who, what, where, why, when and how of marketing – but actually not! The concept of targeting and timing is really referring to the last two of these strategies – the where and the when.

When each of us look to promote our organizations, it is important that we address each of the basic questions that I have been writing about. In addition, we also need to look at our competition, so that we know what they are doing to build their brand. Are there potentially areas of the market that they are not addressing? Do they do a good job of fulfilling the end customers needs? Who is really at the top of mind of the customers/donors/prospects when it comes to the services or products that you market? Are they holding on to the “past” or looking to the future and the changes that are coming within your markets?

Of course we also need to answer the same questions for ourselves! And then, the answers to both sets need to be evaluated before you can finalize your marketing message and strategies. It could well be that once you have analyzed both yourself and the competition you will see some specific opportunities – especially with regard to target audiences. After all, if you can find the ideal group of prospects and your competition is not addressing them, then they becomes your priority.

As for the timing… the when and how often you reach out to this audience, much of this may ultimately depend upon your budget. I would suggest though, that as I have written about in the past, you will often times tire of the message you are putting out there well before most of your audience have even read it – much less acknowledged it.

Another component tied in with the concept of timing is the idea of a cross-media approach – one that shares your message across several platforms. Everyone interacts differently… some will seek out the printed message, others will go online via a Google search, and others will look to social media. Not only will using all of these help create a synergy, but they will also allow you to increase the number of messages – and hence the timing will be enhanced as well.

Timing may well also be tied to literally the time of marketing for a given event or product launch. Start too early and you will not engage an interest, start too late and you will miss the boat!

Our role as a marketing resource for our clients suggests that we help consult with you to make recommendations with regard to the where and when along with the how and what – and that is why we do what we do and who we are!

Can you identify the answers to these questions for your organization?

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