It is Good to Give Back…

Go-GiverI had the opportunity to give back today.

This is not something new to me, but it was a little different than usual. You see, in our business, we have grown a specific vertical market to nearly 45% of our overall sales – and this market is that of nonprofits. As part of our commitment to working with the many organizations that we do, I very much make it a part of how we interact with them to also help support them. I have found over time that not only is this a good thing to do, but quite frankly, it is also good for business. Over the years I can genuinely say that the number of referrals from clients that recognize how we do business with them is every bit as important as price is, has more than offset what we do to help support them.

In fact, at a recent event that my wife and I attended for one group, one of the most philanthropic individuals that I know of not only did a brief talk to the audience, but also made it a point to give away a book to everyone that attended! The name of the book is “The Go-Giver.” The book is described as a little story about a powerful business idea – and it is only about a 2 hour read that shares the concept of the fact that giving more in value than what is expected, is perhaps one of the best ways to succeed in business. I would encourage you to give it a read!

So you might ask, how was today different for me? Today I had the opportunity to participate in the McHenry County Human Race – a 5K fundraising event that gives participants the opportunity to raise money for a specific charity. All together, over 50 different organizations in McHenry County were represented – some by individual participants and some by a team. For myself, I chose to run and help support an organization that I myself am part of – The McHenry County Community Foundation. This is a local group that was founded 12 years ago to become a resource and a self-sustaining endowment fund that will help us to build a better world here in McHenry County. Already we have provided over $3 million in support of local organizations and programs!

So while today was all about giving back, for me it was also a chance to help support a group that I have a strong personal tie with. And through the support of many friends and family, I was able to help contribute over $1,200 through my own fundraising efforts.

How is it that you give back?

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