Random Thoughts on Business…

pictureI have written my blog for over 4 years now – every two weeks like clock work. Before this though I had also written (and still do) a printed newsletter – and this is done every month as an e-mail version and every other month as a printed one. The name of this is Random Thoughts... which is what I will be doing today – randomly sharing ideas that come to mind, as opposed to one specific topic. Why, might you ask? Well only because I cannot think of any one thing that inspires me right now!

First off – is marketing easier now, or more difficult? This was a question brought up by Tony Robbins in a recent webinar, and I thought it was great! In so many ways, the ability to market your business is so much easier today. With all the various forms of media and the low-cost of entry for many, you can genuinely reach a wide audience in a very fast timeframe. The ability to create a unique branding statement and then reinforce it, can truly be accomplished with minimum effort. On the other hand though, the follow through on this can be exhausting! Not to mention the amount of competition we all face now, and the pressure to stay top of mind with our client base. Not sure that the answer to this question is very straight forward.

Second thought for the day – at what point does information overload take over? In a search online I read that as of  the year 1900 it took 150 years to double the world’s knowledge – today it takes 1-2 years, and by the year 2020 it will double in just 72 days! I will admit that it is really neat to be able to stay as connected as we are, and to research a given topic via internet searches, discussion groups, social media and so much more, but at what point does it all just get to be too much noise? And can we ever shut off the spigot? This can be a challenge for all of us and one that demands finding the right balance. Of course if you think it can be a little much now, just think of what your kids and then their kids might find themselves dealing with!

Last thought of the day – Spring is amazing! Having just cut my grass for the first time this Spring, I was out in the yard looking at many other signs of change. In just one short week the leaves have sprouted on trees, perennials have emerged and literary grown anywhere from an inch or two up to 7,8 inches! Of course the birds love it too, and in fact almost everyone has a big old smile on their face at this time of year. Our enthusiasm and energy is at its peak… so enjoy the season!

Do you have any random thoughts you would like to share?


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Business…

  1. Well first of all I like this idea of “Random Thoughts”. It is sometimes nice to talk about random thoughts instead of sticking to one topic.

    As far as your first random thought is concerned. In my humble opinion, I would say marketing is both easier and difficult today.

    Why easier? Cost, reach, mediums etc.

    Why difficult? Competition, substitutes of your products/services, you’ve to spend more money on marketing in order to persuade customers your product/service is the best as opposed to the past, where you would not have so much competition.

    But overall, no doubt marketing is comparatively easier today. And if good marketing tactics are adopted, it can pay off well in future.

      • Yes, indeed a very good point. I forgot to mention that in my comment. But thanks for reminding it “Consistency”. A very important and magical word. Consistency is very important as well. Put your best efforts and be consistent in it!

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