Good To Get Away…

2013-05-26_14-45-15_729I am just now getting back from a week off on vacation – a nice trip up to the state of Washington to visit with my brother and his wife and to go fishing. Although we had a couple of days on Lake Sammamish outside of Seattle, the highlight of the trip was up at Horseshoe Lake outside of Chewelah, up in the far northeast corner of the state. This is a small private lake that has some great trout fishing along with plenty of wildlife to view – deer, moose, eagles, etc. I have been up to this area a couple of times now and one of the things that is most appealing is that it is a great way to get away from all of the day-to-day stuff we all have to deal with in a small business.

For most of us the business of being in business is pretty much nonstop. A while back I read that the neat thing about owning your own business is that you get to only work half days – in fact, you even get to pick wich 12 out of the 24 hours you want! Well in reality, even when you are out of the office and “off the clock,” your mind still gets to think about things. And with all of the connectivity we enjoy now, truly getting away is just not that easy. It used to be that I would put a post-it note on my desk with the number “5” on it – which meant that I did not want any more than 5 messages when I returned! It worked pretty well in fact, up until the onset of e-mails/voice mails and all of the social media options. So while all of the various media are great to help communicate with our clients,  prospects and friends, they can also make getting away from it all a little more tough.

I will admit that I did sneak a peek at e-mails throughout the week, but I did make a point of not responding to any and to not even call in once. This is pretty rare for me, but I had decided at the start of my break to really get away – and it worked! I will no doubt have much to get caught up on tomorrow, but taking the week to get relaxed and recharged was a good thing indeed.

When will you be taking some time off? And, will you truly get away?


One thought on “Good To Get Away…

  1. Great blog and timed perfectly, my family and I just go back from a week in the North woods. We spent time fishing, playing, relaxing and more often than not totally disconnected from the whirling world. It is good for the soul. Glad to hear you had a great time away as well.

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