Thanks Mary – And We Wish You The Best…

This last week marked the retirement of Mary Zeh – an 11 year employee of C L Graphics, and a 20 plus year veteran of the printing industry. Mary was in Customer Service for us and over time had built very strong client relationships. She would always have a smile to those who stopped by, had a great memory of what was going on in their life, and was fantastic at taking care of the details for a given job.

These are all very strong traits for a CSR, but beyond that even Mary was a true team player. She would often jump in to help out others if they were busy, not hesitate to stay late when a job needed to be entered or a rush quote came in. Often times on the weekend I would see her cleaning the conference room and vacuuming the office carpet – and every Friday afternoon she would empty the garbage. I never asked her to do these things, it was just who she was. It truly is pretty rare to find these traits in the workplace, and so when you do it is much appreciated!

We will certainly miss Mary, and yet transitions like this do occur on a regular basis. The true test of a company’s culture is when those that remain and/or take over for those that leave, create their own identity while still maintaining the commitment to service and team spirit. It may take a little time for this to evolve, but the opportunity to in fact grown even beyond with new skills and talents is present, especially if everyone else within the team is there to  encourage and mentor.

As for Mary, a new chapter in her life awaits. I know that after taking some time to relax and reflect, that she will in fact look to stay busy doing something. We have already talked about later this fall when we typically get quite busy, that she may well come back to fill in and help out. Beyond working though, retirement is a great time to do all the things we don’t have the time do when the weekends are never quite long enough! To spend more time with family, to travel, to start a new hobby, or to just take time to read some good books. In fact, I think I am somewhat jealous of her status right now!

So I thank you Mary, for all you have done for C L Graphics and for me – it has been a great time together. Best of luck to you…

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