Time to Stand Out…

PRINT-PLUS-EMAIL-COVERI have found myself thinking several times over the last few months about the status of business, the economy and the overall mindset that so many of us seem to be in right now. Back in 2008 everything seemed to be moving along at a pace that almost begged for a pause – there was solid growth and expansion, but at the same time we were not really sure it could continue. There were a number of factors that were not really sustainable, such as almost unlimited credit. And sure enough, when one or two things snapped, then just about everything else followed suit. The effect on business and the economy were drastic and many businesses and individuals found themselves just hanging on, happy to just stay in business or employed.

Well we know that over the next couple of years that scenario did not play out well either – many businesses went under, and way too many individuals are still out of work. While many people will suggest that once the economy really starts to pick up again is when the jobs will return, I think in reality that there have been a number of other factors that have all come together that fundamentally changed the business environment – and it may well be another 5 to 10 years before we will really be able to look back and understand the what and why of how things have changed.

Just as one example, the continuing high unemployment is more a result of technological advances and shifts in business models than it is a struggling economy. Online banking and ATM’s are so prevalent now that there is little need for banks to hire tellers or other staff… why bother going to a retail outlet to rent movies (Blockbuster), when all you need to do is go online to pick a movie (Netflix). The examples can go on further when we think about it, which brings me to the real intent of my blog here today.

For any of us in business to really stand out from those around us, we need to think of how our business markets have changed… evolved over the past several years. We need to identify what it is our clients and prospects are looking at, or should be looking at, and then look to adapt. What are the strengths we can bring to them? What are new services we can provide? How can we educate them about new opportunities or technologies? How can we attract their attention and get them to take notice? These questions are critical for us to consider, and then act upon before our competition does to establish ourselves as a leader.

For C L Graphics, we have been working on an example of this very concept for some time now. What first began over a year ago has just recently been completed. Our introduction of how print will interact and integrate with other communication forms and can help you to better market your own organization is being presented now. Print Plus… a journey is an example of how we stand out – once you see it, let us know what you think!

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