Travel Adventures…

CharlestonPelicanI had the chance to spend some time away down in Charleston, SC this past week. As I have written about in the past, the idea of getting away is good for rejuvenation. I would also suggest there are other benefits as well – such as just the idea to see new places and learn the history of the areas you visit. Within our country alone there is such a wide range of phenomenal sites – from the low country and coastline in South Carolina and the rest of the southeast, to the mountains throughout the west. The deserts in the southwest to the many lakes in the great north woods of Wisconsin.

As a child I remember taking numerous road trips throughout various areas of the country. I suspect this is what planted the seed for seeking out new adventures, and now they continue with even more destinations. Ultimately the goal is to visit all 50 states plus several foreign countries as well.

Not only was it good to get away in a pretty neat place, but it was also planned as a family get together – with my parents, brother and sister joining us. We have coordinated these joint trips several times now, from up in Wisconsin to the northeast in Maine, to Seattle, a cruise to Alaska and now South Carolina. Each time we have enjoyed the time to catch up on what is going on in our lives and talk about future plans. While we all tend to stay in touch via the phone or e-mail, when you get a chance to spend extended time, the discussions are a little more involved and insightful.

Taking the time to travel and explore is a great adventure in itself. When you make the effort to share it with others, it’s even more fun! What are some of the trips you have taken recently? What are the most interesting places you have seen? And, how have you shared these travels with others?

If you care to share your adventures, check out and post photos, memories or reviews of your most memorable trips!

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