It’s Not About You…

AwardThe content of this post is very much multi-faceted, but all centered around the same concept. The title was in fact inspired by a book by this name – “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon.” The book is written by Brian Basilico, and it talks about why relationship marketing is what makes social media “rock.” Not only is the book a great primer on the use of social media and how important it is for all of us in business to embrace this form of marketing, it also really brings home the important message that to be truly effective within this marketing platform, we need to engage our intended audience on a personal level – talk to them in a way that they will respond, and not make it a conversation just about us. Don’t try to sell, rather let them get to first know you, then get them to like you, and eventually they will trust you – and that is when you will have succeeded.

 Another similar concept that comes to mind in business is that to truly succeed one must first take care of the customer, then in fact they will take care of you! The more we are willing to give of ourselves without expecting to receive anything in return, is when we actually will gain much more than we seemingly give out. There is a great book that also talks about this concept – “The Go-Giver” written by Bob Burg and John David Mann. As the inside front cover introduction begins, “most people just laugh when they hear that the secret to success is giving…”, the book is an inspiring tale that again reinforces the notion that it is not about you.

And finally, this weekend was the main focus of my blog today. My wife Julie was presented with the Education Award of Excellence by the Printing Industries of America. This ia a most prestigious award that I had actually nominated her for several years ago with support from several other industry colleagues. Julie truly is well deserving of this distinction and I am quite proud of her. As the weekend approached the standing joke was that in fact this weekend was “all about her” – that I was there to escort her and make sure she was on time, was able to get good pictures, etc.. I was actually just fine with this, because in fact as far as I was concerned, it was her time to shine! Interestingly enough though, as she was presented with the award and given the opportunity to say a few words, Julie chose to make it not about her, but rather began by thanking me for all that I had done to help support her! Once again the lesson learned is that in our lives, the things that matter most or that can make the most impact are those times we choose to think of others first – not ourselves.

So what have you done with someone else in mind lately?


One thought on “It’s Not About You…

  1. Rick:

    How did you find the time for this evening’s blog, considering the time spent at the Print Show. Give Julie our congratulations on her recognition.


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