Number 100 Should Be Special…

number100This is my 100th Blog post… a pretty significant achievement! One might think then that I have put a lot of thought into this post. Of course one might be wrong as well – actually, I was not even sure this was the week for me to write, as I do it every two weeks and I had just returned from a weekend out-of-town when it occurred to me this was the week.

I will admit that the inspiration for my Blog posts can vary. Sometimes they hit me and seemingly flow nonstop – very concise and to the point. Other times I can fight over what to say for a long time and even then it does not seem to flow very well. And tonight? So far it is the latter!

But perhaps that is okay too – after all, a blog is meant to be a personal statement, a way to share my ideas and beliefs on what I think are relevant business subjects. Over time, these have concentrated on the areas of marketing, management, and personal growth. And being personal, it allows you the reader to learn my perspective on these topics. If they are of interest, you might even choose to pass them along – to your friends or co-workers.

In today’s business world, business relations are more and more built on developing a comfort level of understanding what a business does – and how, even before a first contact is made. In his book “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon,” Brian Basilico explains it well by suggesting that clients need to first know you, then like you, before they can trust you. And in order to do this well, it means being able to communicate on a personal level – to let people get a real feel for who you are and how you think.

Which ultimately brings me to the point of this post – Blogs can be a great way to share who you are with your intended audience. Not only can you talk on timely topics or promote business concepts, but you can do it in a more personal way and one that can position you as a thought leader. I have found that over time, the posts that I have written have also helped me to better organize my thoughts and strategies as well. In fact, another use for the various blog posts have been to create a number of “compilations” that have become the basis of marketing materials that we utilize within our direct marketing engagement as well.

Reaching 100 posts is a neat milestone. It is also just one more step in the process though, and soon enough two weeks will pass and it will be time to write again! Any more ideas for me?


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