The Challenge of Doing Your Job…

For all of us – no matter what our role or position is, it is our responsibility to take our jobs seriously. That means that we need to first, fully understand what the job entails, and then, whether or not they are identified for us, we need to set goals that we look to achieve within a given period. This may be over a quarter, a year, or for the length of assignment.

For many of us this very basic concept is well understood and we embrace it. For others, especially those new to the workforce or gradually working “up the ladder,” the fundamentals of worker responsibilities need to be explained, nurtured, reinforced, encouraged and then validated for a job well done. Of course when we have achieved success at doing a job well, then often times part of the reward means the challenge of moving to the next set of goals!

If we are in a sales position, the goals are often times centered on increasing revenue, adding new clients, opening new sales territories, etc. In the nonprofit sector, the emphasis shifts to gaining new donors, renewing lapsed donors, and securing grants. Production employees are also “charged” with improvement goals – decreasing make-ready times while increasing output speeds. The challenge associated with any given type of job may be varied, but the need to perform at a given level or expectation is universal, and in fact becomes the basis for job reviews and advancement. If we do well, and in fact exceed expectations, then not only can we improve, but with a real team effort of improvement, then the whole organization can benefit! The challenge for each of us then is to embrace this concept and push ourselves to want to improve. To not only take what are the written responsibilities for our job descriptions and commit to fulfilling those responsibilities, but to seek out additional roles or enhanced goals.

I will also suggest, that at times in order to achieve your goals, it requires assistance from others. It is okay to seek out not only advice, but even professional resources to help reach certain targets. This could mean utilizing sales consultants, media resources, software or IT specialists, etc. – and knowing when to do this can often mean the difference between making your goal, or not.

At C L Graphics, we often times refer to ourselves as a resource for our clients. It is one of our goals to be that contact that you can lean on for advice or ideas on how to help you achieve your goals. Sometimes this may include a brainstorming session, or perhaps just sharing samples of what other similar projects have looked like. Leaning on the experience of others to help you with the challenges in your job can be a good thing – how is it that we can help you?


2 thoughts on “The Challenge of Doing Your Job…

  1. Rick:

    With regard to performing in the workplace—maintaining a positive attitude will always increase one’s ability to achieve.

  2. Okay… so I cannot resist. While writing this post I kept thinking on how each of us have our jobs to do and we are accountable for them, however our elected Congress also has a job responsibility of passing a budget and keeping our government open and operating – and yet… they did not do their job so well! I would suggest both sides of the isle were less than stellar, and in spite of the fact that most all of the government was forced to close for some period of time, they did not have to worry about their own income being stopped (although some did in fact choose not to take their pay). I could probably rant on for some time, but that really is not the purpose of this blog 🙂

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