It’s What We Do…

The inspiration for today’s blog is from Paul Strack, a fellow printer located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Paul is truly a unique and innovative print company owner who happened to be the recipient of the 2013 NAQP Printer of the Year award. After the recent conference that I had the opportunity to make the presentation of the award to Paul, he made a great post on the Open Forum discussion area of the association’s website, and  having read this I knew that it was worth sharing! Paul wrote…

I received a  thank you note from a client yesterday.  While that was certainly odd enough, it went one step further.  It was a hand-written thank you note.  And it reminded me of what we do as a company, and what we do as an industry.  It is something that I read a while back, and have frequently shared with our staff.  It’s about what we do.

This thank you note was in response to some custom tabs we produced for an engineering firm’s proposal.  In addition to thanking us for the quality, the turnaround time and the service aspect, the note went on to explain, “and last night, we were unanimously selected to begin to design an advanced wastewater treatment system that will allow the treated water to augment the water supply. Truly a landmark project for our company.”

After rereading that several times, it reminded me of what we do.  Or what we don’t do.

We don’t just print tabs.  We don’t just produce proposals.

In this case, we were involved in a landmark project for the largest engineering firm in our state.

In this case, we are part of an advanced method to treat water to augment a water supply.

Think about it.  We don’t just print.

We don’t just print menus.  We provide a way for families to make nutritious feeding decisions for their families.

We don’t just print coupons.  We help people extend their budget and get the most out of every dollar.

We don’t just print prescription pads, or doctor’s appointment cards – we help people get well.

We don’t just print loyalty cards for fitness centers – we help people establish a healthier lifestyle.

In reading through Paul’s post I can easily draw similar conclusions to the many projects that we are involved with. Perhaps the strongest example for me right now are the many year-end appeal projects that we have been involved in for a variety of nonprofit organizations. All of these involve a number of printed elements – mailing envelopes, letters, cards, return envelopes, etc. However, within these different printed elements there are very passionate stories – stories about real live people and their struggles or their successes, and then, the mission of the organizations that are there to help them.

So to use Paul’s example, we do not just print appeals – we help raise awareness for those in need more than us, we help provide support for programs that offer education and assistance, and we help worthwhile organizations grow within our communities! And for that opportunity, I am thankful.

So what is it you do?


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