One More Time…

CoverImageSo here we are on the eve of a yet another New Year! The older I get (not that I am really getting old, mind you), it sure seems like the time goes by that much faster. I am pretty sure my parents used to tell me this, but at the time I never really paid too much attention. Anyways, a tradition at this time for me and many others I am sure, is to use the beginning of the year as a reason to evaluate our progress towards goals of the previous year, and to plan ahead for next year’s goals and strategies.

Back in the day – about 32 plus years for me now, I had made the decision to leave my initial career of teaching, and enter into business. Not long after this I realized that perhaps the one thing that I missed most about education was the concept of “closure.” What I mean by this is that at the end of every semester – and especially at the end of a school year, the class you taught came to an end. Test scores totaled, projects turned in and final grades were figured. No matter how well a given class went – how many students achieved an A, B, C or less, the course content was completed and it was time to move on with a “fresh start.”

In business however, I learned fairly early on that just because a quarter came to an end or even a year finished up, there was no real “closure.” Sure you started the next month out with sales of “zero,”  but month to month or year to year just morphed into the next. In order to make a noticeable difference, one needs to make a point of creating “targets” or goals to achieve, and then evaluate your successes and build on them as you go. Perhaps you create incentives for employees to meet, or standards to reach by the end of a given period – the idea is to create the periods of closure so that you can measure your success (or not).

And of course the end of a year is a natural time to measure the results and plan ahead. It is a time that most of us are in a mindset of wanting to make change and improvements within our lives – from losing some of the extra weight we might have gained to making a point of staying in better touch with friends and family. So, as we all look to commit to improving ourselves in the New Year, be sure to take the time to write out what your goals are, and then I wish you the best in actually achieving success and closure by this time next year!

What are your goals?


2 thoughts on “One More Time…

  1. Of course every year I always resolve to get in better shape, that usually lasts about a month…then I slip back into my bad habits. This year I resolve to follow my passions and really live life, instead of the mundane routine we slip into – an almost zombie-like state (work, eat, sleep, repeat). I am going to shake off my zombie and try new things and maybe even take a few risks! But most importantly find time to laugh more and simply enjoy life!

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