Finding A Reason To Push Yourself…

ReasonSelf motivation is not an easy thing! At times we can get inspired and move ahead without much effort at all… and then you seemingly hit a brick wall and slug along without much momentum. Of course at the start of a New Year we all get motivated to make changes in our lives, but then in a couple of months this seems to be a great example of what happens – the best laid plans evaporate!

There has been a great deal of research done on self motivation, and a number of excellent books by authors such as Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and many others – all of them can tell you much better than I how to really push yourself to achieve more. I also know, that no matter what you do today or what book’s advice you follow tomorrow, there will come a time again that you find the need to jump-start your efforts. It is just who we are, and a natural part of life that our energies need to be re-focused periodically to keep moving forward. And maybe it is that realization that makes the need to find a reason to continually push yourself a worthy cause.

For each of us the reason is different. And it will be year to year or even within a given year. Our priorities change as we grow – from getting through school to getting that first job. From being able to save a little money to actually being able to have money to buy a car or a house. From having kids to saving money to put those kids into college! To shift from just working a job, to actually considering yourself in a career. From just achieving personal success to the concept of giving back to a greater cause. All of these are significant shifts in our mindset and are great examples of a reason to push yourself to do more, to set higher goals or be more involved with others.

Whatever the reason though, it takes the realization and acceptance of the challenge to then move yourself to do what it takes. For many of us it is important to put all of this down on paper (or computer/tablet) to make it real and to force ourselves into the daily routines that it will take to make it happen. I would suggest that in many cases it also needs to be shared with others to help hold us even more accountable. Over time these daily routines become habit, and then if we are truly serious about taking ownership, the goals become reality!

Of course then it is time to start all over again :).  What is the reason that is pushing you right now?


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