Content Marketing is More Than the Written Word…

Nonprofit Appeals Planning WorkshopThere is a tremendous amount of buzz in the world of marketing now centered on the concept of “content. “Ultimately the idea is to share your knowledge on a given topic in a way that others can perceive you as being a resource, or an authority – someone who can be trusted in a way that they can rely on for answers and even do business with. When you think of this, it really is a very powerful concept and one that make a great deal of sense. You are not trying to just “sell” yourself on someone, rather you are building trust.

This also builds on the concept of “pull” marketing, as opposed to “push.” No longer do you look to push your message out to the masses and tell them all about the best things that a product or service can do for them, rather you look to educate and share knowledge, and draw interested, targeted individuals in to find out more information. So much of this is done today through special reports or “white papers” – free downloads oftentimes. In addition to these though, content marketing can be achieved in many other ways as well – some of it might even seem “old school.”

What I mean by this, is that just recently we held a seminar at our office. It was attended by seven individuals and it lasted for about 90 minutes. During this time we presented information about a survey we had undertaken relative to Nonprofit Appeal results. This survey is something we have done now for the past 5 years, although the seminars themselves we have done for well over 10 years – long before the concept of “content marketing” was even mainstream. In addition to the survey results, we also talked more about what trends the survey told us about and what we saw as opportunities for the nonprofit sector to work on in the future. Now that the seminar is complete, not only  do we post the presentation on our website for others to have access to, but Ginny Boss and I will be distributing it to many other clients and prospects over the next several weeks.

Another example of this same type of old school content marketing would be the Conference presentations that many of us remember, but might not have attended as of recently. Trade associations have found their membership ranks to be declining, and part of this is due to the younger generations not being as committed to joining an organization. And yet, the information available through the various breakout sessions and keynote presentations can be truly informative. Take these a step further, and you will now find that often times the associations will then post the presentations online as recorded videos for future viewing. As another great example of this, take a look at the tremendous amount of content made available through the TED presentations.

All of these are examples of how to share our knowledge with others in an informative, non-selling atmosphere. And they are also an example of cross-media ways of achieving the same result. You might also consider developing a presentation that could be done either through video or live through a seminar or webinar type event. I think you would be surprised at the potential you would find!

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