Spring is More Than a Season…

Facebook FlowersFor almost all of us around the country, this has been a most difficult winter season! Not only has it been extremely cold for an extended amount of time, but we have also been pummeled with a variety of winter storms – ice, snow, and wind. To be sure, the impact of this not only affected us physically, but also in many cases our mental state as well.

Even in a typical winter season, almost all of us will feel some element of being “trapped.” The cold and gray skies become an overpowering part of our psyche, and the darkness that seemingly comes so early every evening just makes for an even longer work day. Although I am not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on TV, I do suspect that depression is more dominant in the winter season.

But alas… every year about this time, Spring blooms! We shift into Daylight Savings time, the temperatures gradually increase, and even the snow begins to disappear. Now mind you we are still due to see a dusting tomorrow in what will be the 4th week of March, but none the less, time is on our side. And with this change in the season, also comes a definite shift in our mindset – our outlook becomes more positive, we tend to become a little more optimistic when making projections. Now that the first couple of months are finished, we can actually start spending the money that we had budgeted as well – the final debates are over, no more “wait and see,” now it is “okay it is 2nd Quarter – let’s go!”

As people are able to get outside and get to walking around the neighborhood, they meet up with friends and neighbors they have not seen in a while. You start digging in the dirt and feeling good about it as the first bulbs start to break through and bloom. Exercise is not just that thing you do at the local fitness club, but it is an outdoor run or 5K Walk – a bike ride even. And yes, all of these make you feel a lot better about yourself – which in turn makes for a more positive mindset. This shift affects us all, and it is contagious! The company morale is better, we become more efficient and even putting in the extra work around the house to get the yard fixed up is not a big deal (that comes later in the fall).

Spring truly is a wonderful season, and for much more reason that just the warmer weather and green grass. It is a time when all of us shift out of feeling down and out, and into the “top of our game” spirit. Here is to Spring… it could not have come soon enough!


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