You Do What You Say…

Human RaceSo I just finished up today taking part in this year’s Human Race  – a local 5K event that benefits a wide variety of nonprofit agencies throughout  McHenry County. It is rather unique in that it attracts well over 1,000 participants, each of which selects the charity that it will raise funds for. All in all, it is a great event that not only brings together a large number of people to help raise money, but it also does a good job of helping to raise awareness as well. I was quite grateful to all those who helped support me again this year in raising money for the McHenry County Community Foundation – this was my chosen cause, and one that I am proud to help support and play an active role in.

Having said this, I will admit that at times leading up to the run that I was not so sure if in fact I might even finish! It has been a tough year for me from a training standpoint, and I also had a pulled hamstring muscle that bothered me for quite a while. I was fine when just walking, but anytime I started to jog or run, it just became a pain.At some point I figured I might have to just walk the whole way – and yet, that did not quite seem the right thing to do. Maybe it was just the old “stubborn male pride” thing, but I kept telling myself that no matter what, if I said I was going to run this 5K and I was raising money to do it, then by gosh I was going to do it!

Well as time passed, the hamstring got to feeling a little better. And while the weather conditions were not so great – in the low 40’s and quite windy, I did manage to make it through as planned! No record time for me, which is fine, but at least now I can say I followed through on what I said I would – which if you know me, is a pretty big deal. In fact, truth be known, I could probably go out and run another 5K this evening just to say I did two in one day!

Or, maybe that is just that stubborn male pride thing talking again…

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