Happy Mom’s Day…

Yes this is a special day… for all of our Mothers. Not only did they bring us into this world, but they helped us get through many of the tough times as well. We learn a lot over the years, and hopefully we hold onto most of it! In the beginning there was doing all the things that we could not do for ourselves – like feeding us and cleaning up after us, then helping to teach us to read, and write – sure we went to school for this, but without Mom there to practice it at home, I am not so sure it would have stuck quite the same. Of course we all had a lot of No’sspoken to us along the way, but that is okay too – at some point we all need to learn what we can and cannot do.

Along the way my Mom had the opportunity to teach all of us how to help out around the house and even do some chores – mine involved cleaning the bathrooms! To this day my wife Julie still appreciates this fact as I will chip in and do the bathrooms at least on a fairly regular basis. I am also thankful for the good manners she helped teach all of us kids – that too is something that you will never lose out on. In fact, much of what our parents teach us we find is what we have learned to pass along again to our children, and so again I am thankful to both of my parents who did a good job with us kids. Of course it has also been suggested that at some point we all become our parents to some degree – something to look forward to Jenni!

So on this Mothers day I say thanks Mom, for all you have done! I know there is so much that we probably cannot remember it all, and that is fine – I know I cannot either.

Love, Rick


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