Keeping The Momentum Going…

81177581Over the course of the last several weeks, or even months I guess, I have heard numerous financial reports on how the economy is on a slow track to recovery. We are definitely in a growth mode, just not very fast! Predictions have been made that growth would be over 3% this year, then we had a rather harsh winter blast that seemed to throw everything backwards. Now growth in the first quarter was actually negative, but even still it is expected that we will top 2% for the year. But hang on, because things will surely change! Heck it seems like when some positive reports come out you would expect a good day on Wall Street, and just the opposite – we end up dropping 50 points. But then, on seemingly not so good news, wait for it… bam – the stock market shoots up!

Through all of this noise and clutter, most of us in business find ourselves just keeping at what we can control. At the start of the year we make our plans – put together a marketing strategy, look at new markets or perhaps try to bolster existing ones. And if we are smart, we stick with the plan without major changes. It is important not to get too caught up in the day-to-day fluctuations, but rather focus on the big picture!

Having said this though, it can be increasingly tough at times to keep the forward momentum going! It seems like all of us – and our employees as well, keep hearing the ups and downs, and this can begin to wear on you. Keeping up the positive attitude, looking to  even just stick to the plan –   all of this can be pretty tough at times. Yet it is our role as the leaders of an organization to fight the battle and keep pushing. We need to stay up with the latest industry news and trends to pick up new ideas or look for encouraging news that we can share with those at work. We need to plan company wide activities or gatherings that engage our employees and encourage teamwork. We need to push to find new ways to share our marketing message or to attract new clients.

All of this takes a good amount of energy and renewed passion from within ourselves as well! It can be very stressful to always be the one at the front – or the one that your staff looks to for the answers. In fact many times it is this pressure that causes owners to give up the fight and close the doors of a seemingly successful business. All the more reason to take some time now and then to re-charge your own batteries, and to make sure you have the momentum yourself to keep moving forward!

So how do you keep pushing?


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