Strive to be a Virtuoso…

Rayburn Just about a year ago I had posted a blog entitled – Asking the Question… What If? It had shared some of the insight from a presentation I had attended at a Print Owners Conference in Nashville, and the presenter was Mike Rayburn. It was truly a unique keynote not only in content, but also how it was presented – as a musical performance. Mike is an extremely gifted guitarist and comedian as well. Beyond these talents though is a message he shares with audiences, and a challenge he explains to what we could do if only we asked… what if?

Not only did I feel it worthy of sharing in this blog, but the association also believed he was such an outstanding presenter that they had invited him back for an encore at this year’s conference! And so likewise I would like to again pass along some of the highlights from Mike’s talk here today.

The main theme of this year’s presentation was that each of us need to strive to be a virtuoso. By definition, a virtuoso is: “a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit.” However some of the synonyms that go along with this is what Mike suggested we also take the concept to mean, and those are: expert, master, professional, star, champion. So whatever your given profession – whether it is music or not, each of us need to strive and push ourselves to become the best we can! To not just “get by,” but to want to excel.

In order to achieve this goal, Mike shared 4 main points as a key to success:

  1. Always look to learn – Ask questions and commit to being a life-long student.
  2. Laser focus – Identify what it is you do well and have a passion for, and then concentrate your effort on this.
  3. Deliberate practice – To overcome mistakes we must practice the correct process over and over again – until it is routine!
  4. Invent and re-invent – Every product, skill set, business model, relationship, etc. has a life cycle. It takes time to bring an idea to life, to nurture it and make it stand-out – but then overtime, it will run its course and start to become less relevant – time to re-invent!

These are great concepts for all of us to work at, however when applied with an intentional emphasis – even a fanaticism, they truly can push us to improve. To be sure, it can get tiring at times and we may get sidetracked from time to time, however the goal is not to be just competent, but truly a virtuoso.

So what is it you are looking to be the best at?



2 thoughts on “Strive to be a Virtuoso…

  1. Wow! You get it!!! I never know it people leave with the ideas I passionately want them to get, but you did. It’s all here. Thank you for your kind words and making that choice most never will… to become a virtuoso… resolve to be the best. Peace, my friend.

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