Going Back In Time…

RickRockyMt  A common saying I share with my wife is that “I don’t live in the past.” Much of that is based on always keying in on what I have to do next, and then some (or maybe most) is also based on that I have forgotten much of what we have done over the years :). This past week though, and the one coming up, very much have me going back to visit times gone by.

The past week was the opportunity to take my parents back to where they had lived in Estes Park, Colorado just after my father had retired from teaching. I know that they appreciated the chance to see their old house, to visit with relatives and a former neighbor, and to see how the city has changed over time, especially with a recent flood that has still had an impact on the homes, streets and river beds. For myself, it was also a time to revisit the area that I really enjoyed coming out to while they had lived there. Whether it was in the summer or winter, my wife and daughter and I had a great place to stay while we visited and also explored the magnificent parks, trails, mountains and fishing spots. The Rocky Mountain National Park really is a place I would recommend you make a point of visiting, and it felt good to be able to go back again!

Fast forward just a little, and on this coming Friday I will be traveling down to Illinois State University where I had gone to college back in the day (okay, I graduated in ’78). The occasion is my being inducted into the College of Applied Science & Technology “Hall of Fame.” I guess that if you do okay for yourself and achieve some good things over time, someone will make a point of recognizing your impact.  Not trying to minimize the award by any means, and the truth be told I am quite honored to receive this recognition! Illinois State was a great school and I know that not only the education, but even more importantly the impact that several of the faculty had on me had much to do with where I am at today. Over the past 35 years I have had the opportunity to be involved in Advisory Committees for the Graphic Arts program that was my main area of concentration, and to stay in contact with some of the faculty, although several of them have passed now.

All of us need to always strive to manage our futures – to continue to learn, meet new contacts and try new technologies. At the same time though,  it is also important to be able to reflect back on what has gotten you to where you are now – the people, places and events that have shaped who you are and what you like to do.

What are some of the times and places that you would like to revisit?


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